Teacher, Second Grade

Teacher, Elementary

Assignment Details:

  • You will be assigned to serve in the Tasba Raya Clinic where you will teach at the Adventist school and participate in school sports, pathfinder activities, and the youth department at the church.
  • Computer skills is a plus.
  • Ability to adapt to a new culture is a must.
  • Maintain an attitude of service and cooperation with other programs and individuals.
  • Be prepared to learn the Miskito language  on site


Housing: Single applicant are given rooms in the dorm. The rooms are furnushed with bunk beds, a table, and chairs. Accommodations can be made for applicants with spouses and or families to live in some cottages. 

Internet: A computer is available in the office for use at scheduled time so all have access at least once a week.

Shopping: Trips to Puerto Cabezas and Waspan for the kitchen and personal needs is made usually once or twice a month.


Not Included


Live with the community, learn their language, and teach their kids.

Managua, Nicaragua

10-12 months

Age 0-0