Teacher, ESL

  VFG8JZ Adventist Volunteer Service
  Algiers Language School


  • Teaching English at different levels—Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced—to a class of up to 15 students. 
  • Teach five days a week with breaks, Monday to Friday, with possible related activities on Sunday. 
  • You may also be asked to provide private classes, enterprise services, or conversation classes.
  • Assist as needed in other administrative tasks, specifically during registration. 
  • Prepare your lessons and participate in strategic planning for the institution. 
  • Be involved and help out at the local church on a weekly basis.


  • Experience teaching ESL
  • Familiar with office administrative processes
  • Minimum requirement of a college degree


Shared or single rooms in two small apartments (genders are separated) with basic furniture provideds

Living There

  • Downtown is about 30 minutes away.
  • National weekend is Friday and Saturday


  • Organization will pay for Local travel, ASV Insurance, Accommodations, Utilities,
  • You may choose to take French or Arabic classes during your stay
  • thirty days of annual leave.


Not Included

Volunteer must pay for Visa, Medical Inoculations, Travel to and from location, Food/Meals


Monthly Living Allowance of $250.00 USD


Visa Type:Business

The volunteer will apply at the closest Algerian embassy presenting the school's official papers and a work invitation to obtain a business visa. The volunteer can be granted with a minimum of three months up to two years business visa. Once in Algeria the Calling Organization will process the visa extensions and/or temporary residence.


Teach English at different levels—Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced at community language center.

Algiers, Algeria

24-36 Months

January 2019-December 2021

Age 20-0