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Teacher, ESL

  VF78N9 Adventist Volunteer Service
  North Ecuador Mission


The volunteer will teach English in the Puyo ?s Adventist School.


  1. Experience Teaching English
  2. Fluent English
  3. Single


Sabbath clothes, sportswear and clothes for cold in case you travel to know other cities.

Unacceptable Dress: Clothing that is not in accordance with Adventist principles is forbidden.


The church will provide an apartment for them. They will have internet, and all the things a person needs to live well. The electricity here is 110W and the weather is hot. During the day, the temperature will be rising until 28 degrees celsius. At night it will be 18 degrees. Puyo city is a rainy place.


  • Local Travel
  • Insurance
  • Utilities
  • Food/Meals
  • Accommodations
  • Monthly Living Allowance  -  USD $150

Not Included

  • Visa
  • Medical/Inoculations
  • Travel to and from Location

Additional Information

The North Ecuador Mission has four churches there and one school that is not finished yet. That is why we are creating an English Academy, in order to make ourselves known in the community and in a near future put the school in operation. The income from the English Academy will serve to support the school expenses in the future, that is why this call is very important.

Required Inoculations:  Yellow fever

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash


Teach English while making incredible memories of this fascinating place.

Ulloa Quito, Ecuador

On site

12 Months

July 2019- June 2020

Age 20-40

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