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Teacher, ESL

  VF78RJ Adventist Volunteer Service
  Korea SDA Language School


  • Teach 60-minute English classes for a total of 224 hours each term.
  • Teach an additional 16 hours of religion classes (Friday Night Fellowship  and Saturday Sabbath clubs do not count toward religion classes).
  • Expect to spend no less than 2 hours per day planning lessons with co-English Teachers, recording student evaluations, comments and grading, etc.
  • Class schedules vary greatly by institute and student enrollment per term, therefore English Teachers should prepare to teach classes between the hours of 6am and 10pm. Those who lack the number of classes to fulfill their contracted hours are required to participate in one-on-one, small group, and/or special classes via video conferencing, over the phone, and/or in the classroom. These extra classes are usually assigned by the director/pastor of the school.
  • Those assigned to an institute with only a Junior program (elementary school students) have a different schedule. They have class from 2:30-9:30pm for a total of 6 class hours each day. Classes can be 20 - 60 minutes long with 5-15 minute passing periods. English Teachers are required to come to the institute no later than 1pm to plan the day's classes with their co-English Teachers as well as for grading, reporting, and consultations with parents (if need be).


  • Fluent English
  • Bachelors Degree
  • Single
  • Age: 21-35


Professional dress for teaching. Men: tie, dress shirt and slacks. Women: dresses, skirts, blouses (cap sleeves permitted), dress slacks and hosiery. Men and women: turtlenecks and sweaters (in season), comfortable dress shoes.


Unacceptable Dress: No jeans, shorts, sneakers, T-shirts, short skirts, sleeveless garments, or jewelry during work hours.


Housing is provided, but varies by institute. The English Teacher may be provided with either an apartment where they will have their own bedroom, but share the living room, kitchen, and bathroom with 2 to 3 other teachers; or a private studio with no other roommates. Apartment rooms are typically small and basically furnished without TV,VCR, and/or AC. 

Living There

  • Some assignments with this host may be remote with harsh living conditions. If you think these factors will be of concern to you, please consult your physician.
  • Days are short from Nov-Feb, there is often little exposure to sunlight. 
  • The teachers' lounge is equipped with computers, Internet, copy machine, and telephone.
  • All of our English Teacher apartments are no longer than a 10-15 minute walk from their respective institutes should you want to go home during your breaks
  • With the exception of one Friday each month that's set aside for a religious group event (Mission Day), classes are held Monday–Thursday. Each term is 8 weeks long.


  • Insurance:  Accident, Sickness & Personal Effects & Baggage (PEB) Insurance Protection for Volunteers. A National Annuity of 4.5% is taken from each month’s stipend and is matched by SDALS. When returning to his or her home country, the total 9% collected per month will be given at the airport. The national health care premium of approximately 60~70USD is taken from each month’s stipend depending on the stipend figure.  
  • Housing
  • Monthly Living Allowance

Not Included

  • Travel expenses: airfare, visa, excess baggage, etc. (In some instance the the school may purchase a one-way ticket to Korea with the understanding that over the period of the assignment the cost of the ticket there and the return ticket to be purchased will be deducted from the monthly living allowance)
  • Medical clearance, inoculations
  • Utilities: electricity, gas, water, and maintenance. This varies as little as 30,000 won as to as much as 200,000 won by person, by apartment and by season.  
  • Food


Monthly Living Allowance: KRW 2,200,000 (approximately USD 2000. An addutional  20,000 KRW for each extra class class, over the 220 contract hours, that you teach or substitute—this excludes the 20 hours of religion classes taught.  


  • The Korean government only allows people with the following passports to teach at the SDA Language School: Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA. Applicants with passports and/or diplomas from other countries do not qualify for this assignment.
  • Applicants with dependents (spouses and/or children) are not accepted for this assignment.

Additional Information

Photo by Cait Ellis on Unsplash

This is a sample schedule of a Teacher's day who teaches 7 hours from Monday-Thursday.
Schedules may vary from local institute to local institute.

  • Wake up and get ready to leave for the 15 minute walk to the institute.
  • 6:30 am: Arrive at institute. Prepare classroom setting and lesson, check emails. Students start coming in at 6:45am.
  • 7:00-8:00 am: Adult class #1
  • 8:05-9:05 am: Adult class #2
  • 9:05-9:55 am: Teacher can prepare or rest at their classroom, at home, or in the staff room.
  • 10:10am-11:10am: Religion Class
  • 11:10-2:30pm: Lunch break. Usually go to the apartment and eat. Come back to the language school by 2:30pm to prepare for next class.
  • 3:00-6:00pm: continual 30 minute Junior classes 
  • 6:00pm: go to the apartment and rest.
  • 7:10-8:10pm: Religion Class.

All students are invited to attend weekend programs to improve their English as well as to learn about Christ and the Seventh-day Adventist Church. English Teachers are required to participate and lead out in all weekend programs unless it is their weekend off. English Teachers receive two weekends off per term. Weekend programs consist of an hour of worship on Friday evening at 7:00 pm with another hour of discussion activities that follows the worship based on the worship thought. On Saturday morning, there are club activities at 10am. English Teachers are free to choose how they will run their club activity but some popular activities include: Bible reading, translation, music (listening to a praise and studying the English lyrics), and drama. During the following worship hour at 11am, English Teachers may be asked to translate for the sermon (by reading a prepared script in English of the Korean sermon), preach a sermon, do children's story, or perform special music. All required responsibilities end at 12:00 pm on Saturday. Some local institutes choose to pursue additional activities in the afternoon, but it is up to the local coordinator and English Teachers if they decide to do so.

CCTV's are installed in nearly all of our classrooms. Each class is recorded and only the headquarters, local coordinator, director, andthe teacher have access to viewing the recordings. 


Teach at this large school and get a true taste of a busy teacher's lifestyle.

Seoul, South Korea

On site

6-12 months

August 2020-August 2021

Age 21-35

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