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  VF88RG Adventist Volunteer Service
  Nicaragua Mission


The volunteer will be assigned to do the following:

  • Serve in the Tasba Raya Clinic,
  • Work in the clinic during regularly scheduled hours,
  • Maintain records in the clinic,
  • Maintain mobile records,
  • Participate in mobile clinics,
  • Participate in health outreach programs.
  • Do monthly reports of service and cooperation with other programs and individuals,
  • Study the Miskito language on site.


  • Spanish and English
  • AS or BS Degree in Nursing (Licensure will be required)
  • Marital Status: Either
  • Child Accommodations: Yes
  • Gender: Either
  • Be self motivated and willing to learn frontier nursing



Scrubs and comfortable shoes. For church and school functions dress pants for men, regular Sabbath dress for women.

No tank tops, or low cuts. No shorts, tight skirts or tight pants or short dress/skirts. No jewelry.


The men's dorm & women's dorm provide bunk beds, table and chair. Supplies are purchased in Puerto Cabezas and Waspan for the kitchen and personal needs usually once or twice a month. The computer and email office is available at scheduled times so all have access to it at least once a week.

If children are involved, accommodations can be made. There is a women's dorm and men's dorm for singles, a hut for married couples.


  • Utilities
  • Accommodations

Not Included

  • Visa
  • Travel to and from location
  • Food/Meals
  • Local Travel
  • Volunteer will need to raise approx $200.00 per month to live on.
  • Medical/Inoculations

Additional Information

Any personal travel expenses are the volunteers responsibility.
Visa renewal is also volunteers responsibility. Bicycle purchase in Nicaragua encouraged for village travel. Renewal of visa which is every 6 months is usually done by traveling to Costa Rica and coming back. This is about $600 if using flight or $350 if by bus. Please contact Cristina Vargas for added information (956) 793-4345 or [email protected]

Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash


Study the Miskito language while you minister to children and adults through Medical Evangelism.

Managua, Nicaragua

On site

12 Months

January 2020-September 2020

Age 18-79

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