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Assistant Boys Dean

  VFA8WT Adventist Volunteer Service
  Mount Ellis Academy


  • Work with the head deans and other assistant dean to provide a safe environment for students to grow Spiritually, academically, and socially.
  • Depending on applicant's skills and interests, other duties may be given in order to best meet the needs of the school.
  • The ideal candidate will have a love for God, a love for students, and a love for the outdoors.


  • Previous Deaning, summer camp, or RA experience is preferred, but not required.
  • Fluency in English
  • At least 2 years of College
  • Male
  • Single


  • Clean, neat, appropriate, and modest attire is expected.
  • Unacceptable Dress: Unclean, sloppy, and immodest attire is not acceptable dress.


Assistant dean will be housed in a small apartment located in the dormitory. A small kitchen and private bathroom are included in the apartment.


  • Insurance
  • Accommodations
  • Utilities
  • Local Travel  -  Shared
  • Monthly Living Allowance: 527 USD

Not Included

  • Travel to and From Location
  • Local Travel  -  Shared
  • Food/Meals


Monthly Living Allowance: 527 USD


This assignment is available only for volunteers from the United States or Canada.


Here's a school that will work with you to match your skills and gifts with their needs.

Bozeman, United States

On site

9-10 Months

August 2020 - June 2021

Age 21-50

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