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Associate Treasurer—Tech Operations & Strategy

  VFB8W3 General Conference Human Resources
  GC Treasury


  • Works with appropriate committees to develop ideas for efficient and strategic handling of internal church information, and technological structures needed for effective communication of the church’s message. 
  • Responsible for the operations, services and budgets of assigned departments - Information Technology Services, Cyber Security, Information Systems Strategies, and OGST.
  • Coordinates technology aspects with ACMS and Sun Plus to ensure all aspects of technology are on the same path.
  • Works with assigned departments to develop internal symbiotic relationships, seeking to avoid isolation in the area of technology and integrating all aspects of technology within the GC structure. 
  • Promotes collaboration/integration in working relationships throughout the General Conference to devise an integrated plan for the use of technology. 
  • Identifies needs within the GC and ensures effective service and problem-solving policies are implemented and communicated.
  • Ensures that technology use within the church is conducted in a way that meets industry best practice regarding security 
  • Identifies cutting edge technologies that will be useful for the GC and potentially the church at large 
  • Oversees and coordinates strategic assessments and anticipates technology needs, projects, equipment requirements, improved work flow, and recommends appropriate actions and resources.
  • Consults with GC administration, assigned departments and others as needed to exchange information, present new approaches, and to discuss equipment/system changes.
  • Advises GC, divisions, institutions and entities on technology integration issues as requested.
  • Works with IT directors from each division to facilitate working groups on technology to benefit the world field and to share resources when appropriate.
  • Assists with the Media/Communication Initiative, by providing the electronic platform for strengthening the brand and making the Adventist Church better known in the world community.
  • Participates as requested for the planning of the GAiN Conference and facilitation of the ancillary meetings of IT persons.
  • Guides the sourcing and support of technologies to deliver online learning/training for the organization. 
  • Serves on boards and committees as assigned. 
  • Must be a member in regular standing of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
  • Must maintain a regular and reliable attendance schedule 
  • Other responsibilities as assigned

This position reports to: Treasurer, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists


  • Bachelor’s (BA/BS) degree in information systems management, computer technology or business required. Master’s degree in information systems related area desirable. 
  • Experience in administration at higher levels of church organization, i.e., conferences, unions, divisions, and/or denominational institutions preferred. 
  • Proven leadership experience and proficiency in technology and project management required.

Additional Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Extensive knowledge of principles, policies and beliefs of the GC and the SDA Church. 
  • Knowledge of church structure and organization, including committee procedures, etc.  
  • Demonstrated depth of knowledge in computer technology.
  • Knowledge and skill in appropriate methods of dealing with human behavior in various circumstances. 
  • Strong command of English language skills including proficiency in verbal and written communication.
  • Strong, proven ability in strategic planning, leadership, and organization. 
  • Ability to perform administrative functions; develop long- and short-term plans and programs to effectively evaluate work accomplishments; establish and maintain effective relationships with internal/external personnel and organizations.  
  • Must possess advanced ability to effectively present facts and recommendations in oral and written form.


Work cooperatively with the Treasurer of the General Conference in the strategic visioning, planning and coordination of technology use within the church for advancing the mission of the church.

Silver Spring, United States

On site

Full-Time Employment

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