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Teacher, Preschool

  VFC8OS Adventist Volunteer Service
  Ubon Adventist International Mission School


  • Teach Preschool, Kindergarten, or First Grades to children 2.5 years and older Monday to Friday in Ubon Adventist International Mission School
  • Be present at the school from 8 am to 5pm Monday to Friday.
  • Prepare weekly lesson plans that follow the school curriculum for all classes and teaching activities.
  • Assess, keep records, and report on students' progress and growth.
  • Assist in all school programs and participate in other school activities as needed.
  • Participate in local church activities from prayer meeting, vespers, outreach, and Sabbath School as requested by church leaders.
  • Study and practice the Thai Language as possible.


  • Fluency in English
  • Bachelors Degree in Education. Elementary Education Preferred


For Women: Modest dress, skirts and blouses, or professional pants suits (with sleeves) For Men: Dress shirts, slacks and socks and shoes. School uniform will be provided 2 days a week

Unacceptable Dress: Casual attired not acceptable in the classroom (i.e. shorts and t-shirts). Long hair is not acceptable for men. No jewelry in and out of the classroom.


Furnished accomodation including bed, bedding, wardrobe and vanity, refrigerator, cooking utensils and eating utensils supplied. Volunteers are housed in small Asian style one-room efficiency apartments with all basic items supplied (fan, iron, drying rack, etc.) For families with children, suitable arrangements will be made as needed.


  • Insurance
  • Accommodations - Two volunteers will share a one-room apartment

Not Included


  • Medical/Inoculations
  • Travel to and from location  -  Calling organization pays one way ticket if stay for one year (actual price but a maximum of Bht 20,000) calling organization pays round trip ticket if stay for two years (actual price but a maximum of Bht 40,000)  
  • Local Travel
  • Utilities  -  Bht 300 a month is provided for utilities, actual cost is covered by the volunteer.  
  • Food/Meals


Monthly Living Allowance:  THB 20,000 

Additional Information

Approved applicants can apply for a non-immigrant O or Non-Immigrant RA single or multiple entries for one year if the Thai Embassy will grant it. If not, volunteers can apply for a tourist visa (3 months) and the one year missionary visa will be worked out/applied after arrival in Thailand. Please be advised that it takes 8-10 weeks to obtain a Non-immigrant RA (missionary visa) for Thailand. Volunteers wishing tp apply for a long term service in Thailand should be aware of and should allow for the time necessary to complete this process. However, if the call is urgent, volunteers cna always come with a 3-month Non-Immigrant O visa and the missionary visa will be worked out upon arrival. Thailand Adventist Mission will issue an invitation letter and Thai documents to secure a Non-Immigrant O visa good fro 3 months from the Thai Embassy where the volunteer will apply. Copy of volunteer passport should be sent to Thailand Mission to be used in preparing the invitation letter to come to Thailand.

Photo credit: facebook.com/UAIMS



Make children's first-time experience in school a fun time!

Ubon Ratchatanee , Thailand

On site

12-24 Months

May 2019-May 2021

Age 20-75

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