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Teacher, ESL

  VFC8XM Adventist Volunteer Service
  Polish Seminary of Theology and Humanities


  • Teach English as a foreign language teacher to children, teens, and adults in small groups (4-7 people) and individually (1-3 people).
  • The volunteer should be capable of following the lesson plans and curriculum schedule (provided by the calling organization) based on the materials and programmes used by the students (also provided by the calling organization),
  • Filling in registers for each of their lessons (attendance, topics, and grading),
  • Filling out report letters of progress for parents (once/twice a year)
  • Participation in English Sabbath School (teaching the lesson in English 1 to 2 times a month).
  • Participating in winter and/or summer Vacation Bible School for children from the community.


  • Gender: Either
  • Age: 21-30 years
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Experience Required:  Experience working with children and teens (e.g. summer camp, VBS, tutoring)
  • A working knowledge of the English Language (grammar: e.g. verb tenses, parts of speech, phonetics).
  • Education and/or English major preferred (experience with classroom management and discipline will be helpful) but not  obligatory.
  • Languages: English(Fluent) 
  • Minimum Education Preferred: 2 Years College/Univ
  • CV/Resume Req Yes
  • Concentration:English/Education preferred, but not required
  • Education Comments:When working with children (even in groups as small as 7) classroom management experience (or at least a crash course) will be helpful for the AV. 
  • This is a position for Native Speakers of English from countries where English is the first spoken language (the US, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa). The reason for this is that the position is not just that of a teacher but of a Native Speaker and the client prefers 1. A speaker of British English, 2. American English, 3. Australian English. Only in very rare cases to we accept AVs who do not come from the listed countries. Their English (accent) must be so excellent that it sounds like it is from one of the countries that is listed above.


Nice work clothes when in the classroom.


PCTH employees who receive on-campus housing receive a flat in the two-story faculty block "B". Depending on availability and the gender of the AVs chosen for the 2019/2020 school year, the volunteers will either receive their own studio flat which is from 12-16 m2 in size or will share a larger, multi-room flat of about 35 m2. Either way, each flat is fully furnished had contain a living area, kitchen (with fridge, stove, oven, electric kettle, sink, and cabinets) and a bathroom (with toilet, sink, mirror, and shower.) The furniture in the flats slightly differs but what can be expected in each is a square table with foldable chairs for eating and using as a desk (an additional desk can be provided), An Ikea futon (sofa by day, fold down doublebed by night) per person, decorative shelves and at least one wardrobe with closet and hangers per person. Housekeeping supplies (as in chemical cleaning products) are supplied by the AV according to preference whereas mop and bucket, broom and dust pan and vacuum are provided by the calling organization. There are also misc. decorative items like rugs, table covers, chair cushions, sofa covers and throw pillows. The flats comes with a plates, bowls, glasses, mugs, utensils (cutlery and cooking utensils), pots, and pans and ironing board, iron, and clothes rack for drying clothes. All bedding (pillows, covers, sheets, etc.) and towels and bedding are all provided. Internet is provided at the cost of the calling organization as is telephone including free calling to 30 or so countries including the US, Canada, and England. Two washing machines are located in the basement of the building and the costs of using these machines is covered by the calling organization. More information (in the form of a "Survival Guide") can be provided by written request to [email protected]


  • Local Travel
  • Accommodations
  • Utilities
  • Food/Meals (llunch is available at the school cafeteria as part of accomodations)

Not Included

Volunteer Pays for:

  • Visa
  • Medical/Inoculations
  • Travel to/from Location
  • Food/ Meals (other than lucnch served at the school cafeteria)


Monthly Living Allowance:  PLN 1000 (about USD 270) 


Due to the nature of being away from home for so many months and the overcast, short days during the winter months, we recommend from experience that only those individuals with good physical and psychological health consider this position. From experience, it would be best if an individual who has previously or is currently being treated for depression, has taken or is taking anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication consider a different AV position and location.

Child Accommodation Available: No

Additional Information

PCTH cafeteria operates depending on the amount of students and staff that are interested in using its services. Some years it has served breakfast and lunch (two course: soup and main dish), other years just lunch. It is also open for some weekend meals depending on intensive studies offered. Regardless, the AV may partake of whatever meals the cafeteria offers free of charge.

Medical expenses for doctor's visits or emergencies are covered by the calling organization until ARM refunds for costs. Questions regarding general health, pre-existing conditions, allergies and tendency towards illness will be asked during the phone/video interview.  

Apply for a visa at closest Polish Consulate. If not coming from the EU, the volunteer MUST have a visa before travelling!  National Long Stay Visa (Type D)

Photo by Jimmy Moon on Unsplash


Teach and assist as needed in this bilingual preschool in the beautiful town of Podkowa Lesna.

Warsaw, Poland

On site

10-11 Months

September 2020-June 2021

Age 21-30

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