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Teacher, Elementary

  VFD8ME Adventist Volunteer Service
  Centers of Influence


Teach a small classroom of 12-14  Syrian refugee children currently living in Lebanon.... Generally, ALC follows a project-based learning method that uses hands-on creative ways to integrate English, math, science, social studies and other subjects into explorative learning. Arabic will be taught separately. Volunteers will teach a classroom of children who may be the age of the grade listed, but likely whose English skills are not at the grade level listed. Volunteer Teaches will be responsible to utilize the resources provided to create and implement a curriculum and activities that will encourage curiosity and facilitate active hands-on learning that pushes kids to catch up to their grade level in English. Volunteer Teachers will be provided with a list of key competencies that children of this age/grade level should know and then they will have the flexibility and liberty to create projects that will help them to teach the competencies they choose. Training and support will be provided to each volunteer to ensure they are able to create and implement successful projects. Volunteers can expect to teach four days a week between 9am - 3pm.  Afternoon hours on work days are spent on home visits and other interactions with families. While working with us, volunteers have the opportunity to develop Arabic conversational skills through daily interactions with the community and children.


  • Adventurous, creative, and outgoing.
  • Language: English, Arabic (optional)
  • 4+ years College/Univ.
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to build positive relationships with children and co-workers
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Adapt and interact in intercultural environment
  • BS degree


Acceptable Dress: Women: Dresses or skirts below the knee; jeans, capris, knee length shorts, or dress pants; blouses, t-shirts, etc. Men: Jeans, slacks, knee length shorts, dress shirts or t-shirts.

Unacceptable Dress: Nothing above the knee - no spaghetti strap/ sheer/ or low cut blouses or dresses.


Dorm room or possibility of a shared apartment if a female.


  • Visa
  • Local Travel
  • Insurance
  • Accommodations
  • Monthly Living Allowance - $500.00

Not Included

  • Medical/Inoculations
  • Travel to/from Location
  • Utilities
  • Food/Meals


Monthly Living Allowance - $500.00


Photo by Senjuti Kundu on Unsplash

Additional Information

Work schedule: Monday - Thursday 8:15-3 teaching; With afternoon visiting or family programs. We function on a 40 hour work week. Volunteers are expected to participate and assist with House of Prayer, the Sabbath worship service at ALC at least 2 Sabbaths a month


Tourist Visa - Changed to residence permit within 90 days of arrival. Cost covered by ALC


Teach Syrian refugee children using project-based learning method that uses hands-on creative ways to teach subjects to encourage learning.

Beirut, Lebanon

10-12 Months

August 2019 - May 2020

Age 20-60

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