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Research Assistant

  VFE8LQ Adventist Volunteer Service
  Bere Adventist Hospital


We are looking for a student missionary to assist with research. This would probably be ideal for something looking to go to medical school. It would entail researching medical diseases and medical literature and writing abstracts and articles for publication in professional medical journals. Other miscellaneous tasks would involve organizing medical equipment and performing inventories and assisting in many various ways in the hospital. Overall, there should be plenty of opportunities for medical exposure, shadowing physicians on daily rounds and doing consultations and performing surgeries and procedures. There would also be evangelistic expectations that the volunteer would be involved on Sabbath and other days, going out into rural villages to teach songs and Bible stories. Invariably, there will be expectations of caring (and possibly home-schooling) for missionary children, more so in the first few months, simply due to physician staffing from October to December 2019.


We would expect this volunteer to be punctual and professional and hard-working and self-motivated and independent, but also able to follow directions.

Speak Fluent English.  French is a plus since that is the local language there.


Modest Dress


The volunteer will be expected to live with a local Chadian family. This will mean living as Chadians do, without running water or electricity or privacy; however, the volunteer will have their own hut/room if they desire. They will eat two meals each day with their local family. However, there will be available on the hospital campus a hut with running water and electricity, complete with shower and toilet and kitchen and a place to relax. The volunteer will be expected to help the local family pay for food, which can be expected to be around 45,000XAF/month, roughly $80. Food is not typically considered appetizing, but the vast majority of volunteers appreciate the experience of having a family just the same.

Not Included

  • Visa  -  tourist/business - to be changed upon arrival
  • Medical/Inoculations
  • Travel to/from Location
  • Local Travel  -  Transport to/from airport will be arranged for by the hospital and will involve local transport. Cost will be less than $100 each way.  
  • Insurance - Sending Organization (College or Universiy for Students)
  • Accommodations  -  Living with Chadian family, you will help pay for food  
  • Food/Meals  -  45,000XAF/month, roughly $80 USD
  • Monthly Living Allowance  -  USD $100/month should be allotted  

Additional Information

Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash


Research medical diseases, organize and inventory medical equipment—with the opportunity to shadow physicians on daily rounds, consultations, surgeries, and procedures.

Kelo, Chad

On site

6-12 Months

October 2019 - June 2020

Age 18-65

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