Teacher, Second Grade

Task Force Assistant Girls' Dean


Volunteers will work daily shifts, as well as weekend shifts in the Girls' Dormitory. While on duty, assistant deans are responsible for the health, overall welfare, and safety of the girls in the dormitory. A dormitory shift requires a variety of tasks. These include but are not limited to: Medicine administration and general minor first aid. Supervision of student behavior, study halls, and general student interaction. Supervision of dorm staff (Resident Assistants and Janitors). Carrying out dormitory room cleanliness checks. Being available to talk with dormitory residents and help them through personal concerns. Carry out minor discipline. Receive and handle issues through the on call cellphone. 

While many tasks are general day to day things, the applicant should be capable of handling medical or emotional emergencies, until experienced help arrives. The applicant must have good judgment and conflict management skills. They must display strong interpersonal skills. Most importantly, a strong and growing relationship with God should be evident. 

Volunteers are also asked to work on a school supervision team. These duties include on campus student supervision one night per week and on every fourth weekend, or as otherwise specified.



  • Female
  • Speak English
  • At lease 1 years past High Shcool graduation
  • Prior experience sorking with youth is preferred.

Items Included:

  •  Bedroom in the dorm with a detached living/kitchen area.
  • Insurance
  • Accommodations
  • Utilities
  • Monthly Living Allowance - $46/day that school is in session.

Not Included

  • ????Travel to/from Location 
  • Local Travel  
  • Food/Meals


Be a mentor and big sister to teenage girls through love and example of a strong and growing personal relationship with God.

New Market, United States

10 months; August 1, 2019-May 31, 2020.

Age 20-0