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  VF91LF Adventist Volunteer Service
  Yap SDA School


Duties include but are not limited to: daily management of this K-12 Adventist school; hiring, supervision, and evaluation of school staff (including 24-hour supervision and care of volunteer staff); responsibility for all academic affairs, management of school/student issues on campus, oversight of all grounds and maintenance needs, regular communication with the GMM Education department including the submission of requested documents and information, participation at all duly-called principals' meetings, etc. all in cooperation with the local school board. This person will also be involved with religious activities on campus and in their local church.

The principal will:

  • By precept and example seek to uphold Christ as Friend and Lord and endeavor to lead students and staff to a similar understanding.
  • Maintain (or oversee the maintenance of) and submit as requested careful records of enrollment, scholastic performance, financial statements and budgets, calendars, board meeting minutes, and others as needed.
  • Prepare and chair regularly-scheduled staff meetings.
  • Create (or oversee the creation of) and make annual revisions to the student and staff handbooks/bulletins.
  • Regularly attend church services and events and assist your staff as needed in their ministries in church programs (Sabbath School classes, Pathfinder club, youth meetings, door-to-door and prison ministries, etc.) according to talents and abilities.


  • Fluent in English.
  • MA, Education Adminsitation preferred.


Organization will be responsible for local travel, utilities, accommodations, and insurance.

Not Included

You will pay for travel to and from location, excess baggage, meals, and visa.


Lead an Adventist K-12 school on a large, peaceful campus that overlooks a beautiful valley and inlet.

Colonia, Micronesia

22-24 months

July 2019-June 2021

Age 25-70

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