Be it a full-time job or a two-week volunteer stint, emulating Jesus through service brings joy and contentment. At VividFaith you’ll find everything from teaching vacancies in Guam to physician needs in Nepal. We are just getting started, and have many things planned. As a VividFriend, you can search through assignments, and apply for those that match your passion and skills. Make VividFaith the first step in your journey of sharing your faith and expressing your love for God and others. Become a VividFriend today.

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First Impressions


Here’s what I knew about the African continent before I arrived in Uganda with my family.* I pictured a harsh, barren land (as depicted in some documentaries) and having to fetch water from some far away riverbed.

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Most Memorable Gift


One day at recess, my youngest girl came up to me, a massive smile spread across her face, ad asked me to hold out my hand. “Something for Teecha,” she rasped out in her warm, little voice.

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Purpose and Joy


I’d been losing focus. I was getting frustrated about little things. I was having a hard time being encouraging and patient. Something had to change.

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