Be it a full-time job or a two-week volunteer stint, emulating Jesus through service brings joy and contentment. At VividFaith you’ll find everything from teaching vacancies in Guam to physician needs in Nepal. We are just getting started, and have many things planned. As a VividFriend, you can search through assignments, and apply for those that match your passion and skills. Make VividFaith your first step in your journey of sharing your faith and expressing your love for God and others. Become a VividFriend today.

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Author/Writer, Article on David Babcock

 /  1 month

If you like to write and have an interest in Adventist history, this is perfect for you. You will work closely with an assistant editor and write an article that will be signed, peer-reviewed, and published.

Coordinator, Adventist Hebrew Community

Argentina  /  6-12 Months
 VF58VW  Buenos Aires Conference

Coordinate the Adventist Hebrew Influence Center and the Hebrew community in Buenos Aires.

Deferred Mission Appointees Coordinator

United States  /  FT employment
 VF98YS  GC Secretariat

Be part of a team that helps place long-term missionaries around the world. Enjoy a work culture rooted in missions.

Health Project Assistant

Mauritania  /  12 months
 VFD8LA  ADRA-Mauritania

Assist with a variety of humanitarian projects.

Information Security Engineer

United States  / 
 VFF8YO  Information Systems Technology

Be part of the cyber security team of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.


Brazil  /  12 Months
 VF58W4  Central Brazil Adventist Academy

Design promotional materials for the academy.

Media Assistant

Austria  /  12 Months
 VFD8XC  Bogenhofen Seminary

This assignment is perfect if you want to share your skills at video recording, editing, and livestreaming!

Nursing Instructor

Kenya  /  5 years
 VFF8VF  University of Eastern Africa Baraton

A fulfilling way to share both your nursing experience and knowledge—and at the same time serve a need in this mission-focused university.

Research and Statistic Instructor

Kenya  /  5 years
 VFA8VG  University of Eastern Africa Baraton

Use your skills to join a faculty teaching at the university level.

Software Developer

Australia  /  9-12 Months
 VF68S9  Australian Union Conference

Use your technical skills to assist a radio station while sharing your faith with the community.

Surgeon, Jeremic Community Medical Center

Kenya  /  5 years
 VFA8VH  University of Eastern Africa Baraton

Combine your skills with your passion of missions in this university-supported medical clinic.

Teacher, Mandarin, Undergraduate

Russia  /  5 years
 VFD8L9  Zaoksky Adventist University

Teach Mandarin to students of other languages and enjoy living on an impressive campus with stately buildings and beautiful views.

Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten

Marshall Islands  /  10-12 Months
 VFA8UD  Ebeye SDA School

Be a true missionary on this small heavily populated island teaching in a school with over 300 students.

Teacher/Preceptor, Spanish

Brazil  /  11-12 Months
 VF88WD  Cruzeiro do Sul Adventist Academy

Teach and mentor young people in an academy setting.

Volunteer Stories

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First Impressions


Here’s what I knew about the African continent before I arrived in Uganda with my family.* I pictured a harsh, barren land (as depicted in some documentaries) and having to fetch water from some far away riverbed.

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Most Memorable Gift


One day at recess, my youngest girl came up to me, a massive smile spread across her face, ad asked me to hold out my hand. “Something for Teecha,” she rasped out in her warm, little voice.

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Purpose and Joy


I’d been losing focus. I was getting frustrated about little things. I was having a hard time being encouraging and patient. Something had to change.

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